Class Action Alleges Instacart Shoppers Owed Compensation

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TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2021 /CNW/ - An Ontario resident has started a proposed class action against Instacart alleging that it misclassifies full-service shoppers as independent contractors and has failed to make minimum payments to them under employment standards legislation.

The Statement of Claim, brought by Sotos Class Actions, alleges that Instacart full-service shoppers are employees who are owed compensation for work they performed shopping and making deliveries to millions of Canadian households since 2015.

According to the claim, Instacart misclassified full-service shoppers as independent contractors depriving them of the protections and entitlements of employment standards legislation, including minimum wage. Full-service shoppers incur various expenses like the cost of using their personal vehicles and mobile phones in order to work for Instacart. When these expenses are factored into the batch payments they receive from Instacart, many full-service shoppers make less than minimum wage.

"Instacart shoppers have played an essential role during the pandemic and stepped up at a time when many Canadians were unable to leave their homes and do their own grocery shopping. Instacart shoppers deserve to be treated fairly and paid what they are entitled to under employment standards law", said Tassia Poynter of Sotos Class Actions.

Recent attention has been brought to Instacart's practices in Canada and the United States in light of a job action and demands being made by Instacart shoppers for fair treatment, including transparency over Instacart's payments to shoppers.

If you are or were an Instacart full-service shopper in Canada at any time since July 2015, please find more information on the lawsuit on Sotos Class Actions' website.

SOURCE Sotos Class Actions


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