Clara McGregor Recalls Watching Dad Ewan's Full-Frontal Nude Scene in High School Class: 'Uncomfortable'

The pair, who star alongside each other in their new film 'Bleeding Love', opened up about how Clara watched 1997's 'The Pillow Book' during a gender studies class

<p>Disney/Randy Holmes</p> Ewan and Clara Mcgregor appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in February 2024

Disney/Randy Holmes

Ewan and Clara Mcgregor appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in February 2024

Clara McGregor is reflecting on the "uncomfortable" moment that she and her high school gender studies class watched her father Ewan's 1997 film The Pillow Book — nude scenes included.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the father-daughter duo promoted their latest project Bleeding Love, 28-year-old Clara described her "quite memorable" experience of watching one of her dad's films as part of a high school class.

"When I was a senior in high school I took a gender studies class," Clara said, before her 52-year-old father put his hand over his face. "My teacher came up to me near the end of the semester and was like, 'Listen, there's a movie that I usually teach, it's part of the curriculum, your dad is in it. There is some nudity so I wanted to run it by you before we watched it in class.'"

"And I said it was fine. I didn't really think much of it. And so we watched the movie called The Pillow Book, which is a brilliant film," she said. "But watching that movie at 17 with your entire high school class, it's more like they're watching me watch that film, which was definitely an interesting..."

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After Kimmel interrupted to ask Ewan if he appeared nude in the film, he replied, "a lot."

"Full-frontally nude, the whole time," Clara responded.

As the Star Wars actor explained, his daughter's teacher had emailed him before showing the film as well, asking for his permission to play the movie for Clara's class. "I went, 'Look, I wouldn't want to be the reason you don't show that movie to your kids because it's a beautiful movie,' " Ewan recalled. "But I said, 'You have to guarantee that the kids are mature enough not to make fun of Clara or make her feel bad about it.' "

"They were," Clara said. "It was uncomfortable. I think they also probably felt a little uncomfortable."

Kimmel then joked about the class' potential response to seeing one of Ewan's nude scenes: "They're like, 'Oh, there's where she came from.' "

<p>Moviestore/Shutterstock</p> Vivian Wu and Ewan Mcgregor in 'The Pillow Book'


Vivian Wu and Ewan Mcgregor in 'The Pillow Book'

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Clara, Ewan's eldest of five children, previously opened up to PEOPLE about the “incredible experience" of now working with her father on their film Bleeding Love, in which the two star as a father-daughter duo on a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico who "are forced to confront the issues of their past that have led to their frail relationship," per a synopsis.

The story was written by Ruby Caster off a story originally constructed by Clara, alongside Vera Bulder and Caster.

“There was something special about [Ewan] being a part of a film that I was also producing and had put together,” Clara said.

“It's rare as an adult that you get to spend that amount of time with your parents, so that was really special,” she added. “I'd always admired my dad as an actor and getting to act with him showed me how good he is at what he does.”

Bleeding Love arrives in theaters on Feb. 16.

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