Civil War stars explain terrifying scene

Civil War spoilers follow.

The cast of Alex Garland's Civil War have broken down Jesse Plemons' brief but terrifying scene in the movie.

Plemons plays a small antagonist role in the dystopian action film, which stars his wife Kirsten Dunst, Priscilla's Cailee Spaeny and Dune's Stephen McKinley Henderson as journalists reporting from the line of fire on an escalating second American Civil War.

Recalling the day Plemons arrived on set to film his scene, Spaeny told Entertainment Weekly: "He was sort of hidden for the day. He didn't join the rest of us actors beforehand on the way. We were sort of like, 'Where's Jesse?', and then he came out and he was in character."

jesse plemons, civil war

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"While they were filming the scene with the other characters farther away, we were walking down and Jesse was completely in character, improvising the whole time and just drilling me," she continued.

"I was just thinking, 'Oh my God, Jesse, please stop!' It was so haunting. He did such a brilliant job, but my God, after two days of that, it was a lot."

The scene involves Plemons' character, who is a solider, being caught by the journalists as he attempts to cover up a mass grave, though he's eventually taken out when Henderson's Sammy runs him over with a truck.

kirsten dunst, civil war

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"He's chilling," Henderson said of Plemons' performance. "I'm glad to be able to take him out. I pay the cost, but it's worth it. I drove and I drove, and I got caught in a whole circle, spinning all around, everything.

"It was wild, and it felt great to be doing it. And then to have the stunt drivers come up and say, 'Oh man, that was great! Can you do that again?' I had to say, 'No, I can't do it, because I didn't know what I was doing the first time!'"

"We're lucky Jesse did this for us. Alex is lucky that he's my husband and he was free," added Dunst.

While Spaeny and Henderson found Plemons' performance terrifying, Dunst told Digital Spy that she had a slightly different experience watching her husband.

"Because he's my husband, it's not terrifying to me!" she shared. "I was, on that day, I felt very much proud of how incredible he was. So that's how I felt, but I have a different seat in the room of that scene".

Civil War is now out in cinemas.

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