Civil war brewing at Fox: Judd Apatow, 'Modern Family' creator Steve Levitan join Seth MacFarlane in outcry over Fox News pro child-detention stance

President Trump has created a firestorm thanks to his decision to separate the children of unauthorized immigrants from their parents and detain them in holding facilities that — as still images, video and audio have now indicated — include chain-link cages. And predictably, Fox News has toed the commander-in-chief’s line, with Laura Ingraham on Monday going so far as to dub these establishments “essentially summer camps [or] boarding schools.” That may be going over well with the right-leaning channel’s core viewership, but for those entertainment creators who are presently doing business with Fox, it has increasingly become an untenable position — and they’re now speaking up against it.

Over the weekend, Seth MacFarlane, whose animated Family Guy has been a Fox hit for 16 seasons, tweeted that he was “embarrassed” to be working with the network, thanks to comments such as those by Tucker Carlson. Carlson, the Fox News host, informed the public that the truth was the opposite of whatever the mainstream media reports:

With over 43,000 likes to date, MacFarlane’s social media post clearly struck a nerve with many on the platform. And now, he’s been joined by two other Hollywood heavyweights. In a series of tweets published yesterday and today, Judd Apatow — who severed ties with the Fox network after the 2002 cancellation of his series Undeclared — went to town on Fox for its coverage of the aforementioned child-separation policy, while proclaiming solidarity with MacFarlane for his outspoken stance against his bosses.

Joining in the chorus was also Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan, who likewise made it clear that he stands with MacFarlane — and against Fox, despite the fact that 20th Century Fox Television produces his long-running sitcom.

In turn, Apatow also praised Levitan:

Given the growing outcry against Trump’s ongoing policy, and Fox News’s steadfast desire to stand by the president, one can only assume that this is only the beginning of a mounting entertainment-industry backlash against Fox.

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