Citrus Heights school sheltered in place after two spotted with what was believed to be a gun

Students and staff were told to shelter in place Wednesday afternoon at a middle school in Citrus Heights after two minors reportedly tried to jump a fence into the campus with what was initially believed to be a gun, authorities said, but the item turned out to be a cap gun.

The incident was reported about 2:20 p.m. at Sylvan Middle School at 7085 Auburn Blvd. Two juveniles were spotted trying to hop the fence into the school, one of them with an object that resembled a gun in their pocket, the Citrus Heights Police Department announced in social media posts.

School officials immediately initiated a precautionary shelter-in-place on campus as officers arrived and searched for the two juveniles, police said.

Authorities later found the two minors off campus, and they had “dumped” an object that was determined to be a cap gun near the school, according to the Police Department.

Police released a photo of the cap gun, which appeared to have the orange tip of its muzzle covered with black paint or ink.

“Thank you to the alert passerby who notified us of this,” police officials wrote in the social media posts. “Thank you for the patience of the students, staff and parents while we ensured everyone was safe.”

The Police Department did not release any further details about the incident, including whether the two minors were students at the schools, their ages or whether they face any criminal charges.