'Citizen Ashe' sneak peek: 'His racquet had to talk'

An exclusive clip from a new documentary about tennis pioneer, Arthur Ashe

Video Transcript

ANDREW YOUNG: Arthur decided that he didn't have to say a word, but his racket had to talk.

- Beautiful serve.

- Another ace, 14.

- Ace. Slides it over to win the game.


- Comes back with it!

- Oh my, look at that.

- Mr. Price, Arthur Ashe.

- Oh.

- Another shot.

- '68 was a sensational period because I went two months without losing a match any place.

- Arthur Ashe wins a tremendous victory.

- You only play as well as your confidence lets you. If you are very confident, you can do anything. I can hit the ball backwards if I'm confident.

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