Cira Apps Unveils New Calendar and Contact-Syncing Platform, CiraHub

San Jose, California--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2022) - California-based SaaS company, Cira Apps, has launched its new cloud-centered means of syncing calendars and contacts across organizations. The overarching objective of the new platform, CiraHub, is to boost productivity and reduce administrative errors.

Currently, a significant amount of employee's time within any corporation is devoted towards data hygiene. This can involve spending portions of valuable company time on updating contact lists and ensuring that their various meetings are aligned with other employees' schedules. If an employee spends five minutes each week on data hygiene, this is roughly 250 minutes per year. Assuming the full cost for the employee is around $50 per hour, this amounts to a $200 per year cost for the company.

CiraHub is being introduced as a way of reducing this loss of productivity to the challenges of administrative work. The cloud-based platform joins together various elements within the company and synchronizes them, so that changes implemented by one department are updated for all other linked departments.

Two-way-sync is facilitated through CiraHub, which allows two or more administrative workers to edit a single calendar or contact sheet together with real-time adjustments. They can then share this to staff with one-way-sync enabled, which means the recipients cannot edit it.

Senior officials from Cira Apps underline that this software has a multitude of potential use-cases. For instance, a soccer team might have a hundred practice sessions in the off-season, which can entail sending out a hundred email invitations and asking each player and staff-member to respond. By introducing CiraHub, the firm hopes to reduce the time-consuming administration involved in this, as well as avoiding time-zone mistakes, double-booking and endless changes being sent round to every member of the organization.

Furthermore, the Cira Apps team emphasizes how the newly unveiled platform can also play a key role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM mechanisms can refer to technology that can help to build and manage customer-relations, and can include processes involved in marketing campaigns. CRM is predicted to see a strong 12% yearly growth in adoption between now and 2028. CRM can cover a variety of intra-company technology systems, and CiraHub aims to streamline the synchronization of these.

For instance, a marketing manager might have a contact list of all customers that need to receive regular marketing emails. 33% of marketers send weekly emails, while more than a quarter send them multiple times per month. Having an extensive range of contacts can lead to numerous difficulties, such as the time-consuming process of inserting new information into the marketing automation system each time new contacts are accumulated. Through CiraHub, all of these contact changes can be synchronized across every aspect of the company. If they want to send out an email-blast through a particular CRM rather than Microsoft Outlook, for instance, CiraHub can ensure that all contacts are automatically synchronized.

"We're excited to be announcing CiraHub as a way for companies to iron out their administrative obstacles, mistakes and delays. Firms can connect as many elements of their organization as they wish, so that each spoke of the company's 'wheel', so to speak, is connected to the platform hub. In today's world of increased remote working, cloud-based administrative issues are becoming increasingly prominent. CiraHub is setting out to keep these to a minimum," concludes Vern Weitzman, CTO and founder of Cira Apps.

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