Cindy Crawford reveals the secret behind her new 'Trauma Bangs'

The first thought I had when I saw Cindy Crawford post on Instagram with a fringe was: "Oh cute I wonder if Kaia will get hers back to match." And the second thought I had was: "Wait a minute! Those aren't chaotic shaggy bangs, she's done that ponytail-head-flippy-thingy from primary school!". Yes, ask any hair stylist. That is the official terminology.

My suspicions of hair manipulation and trickery were confirmed by the caption which read: "Not exactly trauma bangs. Just testing!✂️" — loving the Emily in Paris reference from Cind. Wonder if she binge-watched as quickly as we did.

While bang-phobic fans in the comments implored the supermodel not to cut in a fringe (spoilsports), we went on the hunt for pics of Kaia with her fringe to prove just how darn good Cindy would also look with bangs, seeing as how Kaia inherited her whole face and all.

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Gazing lovingly at her daughter... or the fringe.Miikka Skaffari - Getty Images

And it seems Cindy may not be the only one with fake bangs... while Kaia's fringe reserves an important place in our memory as one of her hair eras, we can only find pics of it within the months of November and December 2021. By January, there's barely a trace of subtle face framer. Either her hair grows exceptionally quickly... or it was a clip in. How did we miss this at the time? January and no fringe....

international model and actress kaia gerber hosts la art show opening night premiere party benefiting st jude
It’s Janurary 2022 and where is the fringe?Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Now I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next gal, but we do have to consider that a little regrowth and a celeb hair stylist probably could magic-away a fringe. But, if it was a month-long romance with a clip-in, I vote Kaia digs it out to give to her mom so she can really take bangs for a spin.

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