Cillian Murphy confirms he knows what a meme is

Oppenheimer actor Cillian Murphy has confirmed that he now knows what a meme is.

During an interview with NME in 2017, Murphy famously said he didn't know what a meme was when asked about the 'disappointed Cillian Murphy face' meme. (He then proceeded to pull a disappointed Cillian Murphy face.)

But after becoming involved in one of the year's biggest social media trends this year through the Barbenheimer phenomenon, Murphy has admitted that he finally knows what a meme is.

cillian murphy in the oppenheimer trailer

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In a Variety piece where he chatted with Barbie's Margot Robbie, Murphy said: "I have two teenage boys. I do know what a meme is. Now I know that there are memes about me not knowing what a meme is."

"Genuinely at the time I did not know. But people forget that was a long time ago," the actor said of his 2017 interview.

"I think children started that stuff, right? Now that it's become this sort of meme that's eating itself, I am aware. But it's mostly because of people either sending it to me or showing me and saying, 'Look, you gotta look at this'."

margot robbie barbie, cillian murphy oppenheimer
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Of the memes he is aware of, Murphy said that he has, of course, seen the Barbenheimer memes because "it was impossible to avoid any of that stuff".

"I think it happened because both movies were good," he theorised. "In fact, that summer, there was a huge diversity of stuff in the cinema, and I think it just connected in a way that you or I or the studios or anybody could never have predicted. [...] It may never happen again."

Oppenheimer is now available to buy on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and on digital platforms like Prime Video. Barbie can also be purchased through Prime Video, Microsoft Store, Apple TV+.

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