Chvrches Uncovers ‘Talking in My Sleep’ for ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ 10th Anniversary

CHVRCHES unreleased song CHVRCHES unreleased song.jpg - Credit: Elliot Haze*
CHVRCHES unreleased song CHVRCHES unreleased song.jpg - Credit: Elliot Haze*

Flashing back to 2013, Chvrches has dusted off the previously unreleased song “Talking in My Sleep” in anticipation of their debut album’s tenth anniversary. The Bones of What You Believe will receive an extended-release on Oct. 20 featuring four old but newly-released songs, including this most recent track and “Manhattan,” which was shared earlier this summer.

“Some of the main sources of inspiration for our first album, including ‘Talking In My Sleep’ were artists that we all share a love for, and a lot of stuff from the 80s,” Iain Cook shared in a statement. “Kate Bush (particularly the Hounds of Love album), Depeche Mode, Prince, Michael Jackson, and also a bunch of the blog-led indie pop music that was around in 2010. Martin particularly was really invested in that stuff and was bringing a lot of fresh sounds and ideas mixed with the classic 80’s pop influences that we all loved.”

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“Talking in My Sleep” represented Chvrches as they settled into the groove they found on their first album, which mainly began with “Manhattan.” When they uncovered it as the first previously unreleased song to be shared, they explained in a statement that the song functioned as something of a crucial starting point for the journey through the record. “It really showcased a lot of the traits that would eventually become synonymous with Chvrches and what our first album would end up sounding like,” Lauren Mayberry explained. “It’s fun to listen to it now, knowing everything that came along after it.”

Two more unreleased songs remain in the vault for The Bones of What You Believe. When the extended edition arrives, it will feature those two records titled “White Summer” and “City on Fire,” in addition to five live renditions of songs from the original tracklist.

“It feels quite strange that Bones is almost a decade old,” Mayberry added. “In some ways, it’s like it just happened, but also like that era was a lifetime ago. We are very grateful to all the fans who gave that album a special place in their heart, and still show us so much kindness today.”

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