Church of England’s homophobic cruelty risks making it a laughing stock

<span>Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

The Church of England’s decision to bar Mpho Tutu van Furth from conducting her godfather’s funeral in church (Report, 23 September) has now solidified its reputation in the nation as institutionally homophobic, cruel and unloving – the very opposite of what it is meant to stand for. No wonder we are haemorrhaging people and inoculating younger generations from wanting to have anything to do with us, squandering the millions we are currently pouring in to mission and evangelism.

Unless our bishops recognise the damage their silence and inaction has done and apologise for the lives that they have upset and harmed, we risk becoming a laughing stock to the nation. We need a Church of England that serves and honours the whole of England, not just the chosen few.
Jayne Ozanne
Elected member of General Synod

• Leaving aside the fact that Jesus lived at a time and in a place very different from our own, I can’t help wondering how the Anglican bishops come to terms with him having much more to say about money than about sex.
Geoff Reid

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