Christopher Mizelle, candidate for NC House District 38

Name: Christopher Mizelle

Political party: Libertarian

Age as of Nov. 8, 2022: 34

Campaign website:

Occupation: Senior transportation analyst

Education: Wake Tech; Campbell University

Have you run for elected office before? No

Please list highlights of your civic involvement: Former public school teacher

What are the three issues that you see as most important to your district and what will you do to address them?

Housing affordability, criminal justice reform and expanding school choice. For housing affordability, get rid of single family home zoning. Get rid of unnecessary land use restrictions and support accessory dwelling units. For criminal justice, end victimless crimes including drug prohibition. End all asset forfeiture and end qualified immunity. For school choice, fund opportunity scholarships and educational savings account. Support charter schools.

At a time when costs are rising, state government has a surplus. How should it be used?

Give stolen taxpayer dollars back to taxpayers.

Will you vote for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina?


What has the legislature gotten right, and what has it gotten wrong, about public education in North Carolina?

Public education is a failed experiment. What they have gotten wrong is the idea that the state has any role in providing education. We should work towards a separation of state and education.

Should North Carolina change its abortion laws? How?

There should be no restrictions on abortion.

Please add anything else voters should know about your position on the legality or availability of abortion in North Carolina.

I’m personally pro-life. I don’t think its an issue that can be solved by government legislation. As a society, we should discourage abortion and find ways to support pregnant women so they don’t turn to abortion.

Should medical marijuana be legalized in North Carolina?


What, if anything, should the legislature do to shape curriculum dealing with topics of race, sexuality and gender?

To the extent that we have public education, elementary school children should not be learning about sexuality and gender. There should be full transparency with parents about their child’s curriculum and parents should have influence on the curriculum.

Do you accept the results of the 2020 presidential election?