Christopher Eccleston wants to make more documentaries

Christopher Eccleston wants to make more documentaries credit:Bang Showbiz
Christopher Eccleston wants to make more documentaries credit:Bang Showbiz

Christopher Eccleston wants to follow up 'The Guilty Innocent' with more documentaries.

The 'Doctor Who' star has taken on his first ever presenting role in the two-part Sky History show and he wants to follow it up with more docs.

He told "What I want to do is, I want to make more documentaries, and it's interesting because I have a level of recognition.

"Often, when I get into an Uber or a taxi, or I'm walking down the street, people want to talk to me about me and acting. And that's the last thing I want to do, is talk about me.

"So, down the years I've developed this skill, if you like, for turning the tables and asking people about them.

"I've done a number of interviews on [BBC] Radio 4, for Loose Ends. And that's what I love, I love interviewing people, I love listening to people. I don't love talking about myself.

"It's like a doctor going to a party, you know, it's the same thing. If you're any worth as an actor, you don't like talking about yourself. My job is to understand other individuals."

In the series, Christopher looks at two controversial cases, the arrest of George Davis for the armed payroll robbery of the London Electricity Board, and the death of James Hanratty, which led to a campaign to end capital punishment in the UK.

He added: "To a certain extent, when I'm talking to George [Davis], I'm thinking, 'Can I play him? Or can I play members of the Hanratty family? Can I empathise with their feeling of injustice and anger and stuff?'

"My job was to draw out their stories, and to become a conduit for the viewers."

Christopher, 60, also revealed he has some ideas for the cases he would like to examine next.

He said: "The Stephen Lawrence case needs examining. I did a drama documentary about the Hillsborough disaster – I think there is still injustice there. That case is still not fully resolved, not that it ever will be because of the loss of 97 lives.

"Also, the Derek Bentley case, which, of course, I made a film about – Let Him Have It. There are so many, you know, it's such a rich area for us to explore."