Christmas morning is for families, not tailgating. Choose a later game time, NFL| Opinion

Not the time

It’s wrong for the NFL to schedule a game at noon on Christmas Day. Games are not normally played on Mondays at 12 o’clock.

Christmas is a sacred holiday, and I believe it should be a day for worship and family. I have fond recollections of opening gifts with my family on Christmas morning. As a mother, I cherish the memories of our sons waking us up, eager to see what Santa brought. My husband and I loved sitting in our robes, drinking coffee and watching the boys play with their new toys. I believe the Mahomes family deserves to be together on Christmas morning, as do the other NFL players.

Besides the players’ rights to celebrate with their families, fans might tailgate Christmas morning and children could miss out on time together. Although not everyone celebrates Christmas, I believe players and fans should have this time to be with their families and to attend church services, if they wish.

Previously, the NFL has moved games, even after the schedule has been posted, so I hope the league will consider rescheduling all games to 3:25 p.m., or after, on Christmas Day.

- Carla Thomas, Lee’s Summit

Pushed out

In September 2022, I was asked to give a statement by the law about a crime committed where we live at the Lake of the Ozarks. I did my civil duty for the sake of others, yet it wasn’t without consequences.

The bully who committed the crime was a good friend of the owner of the mobile home park where we I lived. Because I did as I was asked by law enforcement, my wife and I were ordered to vacate and move our home within 60 days. We did not take it seriously since we were model tenants and had lived there for 12 years. However, we were taken to court and lost the case because of an unlawful detainer filed against us. In such cases, landlordsdon’t need a reason or cause to evict as they told us.

We were well liked and loved in our community. At our age it was most difficult for us.

I advise people to make sure you have a signed lease. We didn’t have one. Landlords designed it that way so they could do what they did to us. We were devastated.

- Terry R. Green, Gravois Mills, Missouri

Good works

It was with pleasure that I read the Nov. 26 op-ed “Expanded Medicaid means healthier Kansans” by Betsy Wickstrom. (17A) She addressed the need for Kansas to expand Medicaid (finally) and how it would benefit Kansans, especially pregnant women. As Kansas legislators frequently tout their “pro-life” credentials, this would seem to be a no-brainer.

Dr. Wickstrom succinctly and clearly explained how this would benefit Kansans. As a recently retired obstetrician-gynecologist who practiced in Johnson County for 36 years, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with her on many occasions and support her position 100%.

I was again delighted to read Mary Reising’s Nov. 27 guest commentary about the prison education program directed by my alma mater, Saint Louis University. (7A, “Missouri program proves everyone has ability to learn”) I had read in The Star about the project before. I am so proud of the work done by my alma mater. Having graduated Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1982, I can speak to the emphasis on seeing our patients first of all as humans. The prison program is an example of how Saint Louis University puts into action the Jesuit core values.

- Kimberly Schlichter, Overland Park

Earned your vote

Although I no longer live in Missouri, I am aware of the political contest coming for one of its Senate seats. Voters will elect a senator to represent their state, but the Senate makes laws for all of us. I am alarmed.

I urge voters to reject a candidate who showed contempt for American citizens by trying to stop the election of their choice for president. Participants in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection showed disdain for our democratic systems. Their violent actions betrayed the ideals of the legal transfer of power, which is a bedrock of good governance. A candidate who brought shame to our whole country does not deserve to serve in the Senate.

Josh Hawley does not represent the good people of Missouri and does not merit their vote. Lucas Kunce has served our country with honor and pride. He deserves the vote.

- Kay A. DeWeese, Haleiwa, Hawaii

Party second

Our country is boiling over with problems internally. We have had difficulty electing a speaker of the U.S. House. To consider Mike Johnson ascending to the office as progress is tempered by the fact that he was one of the members of Congress who helped organize Donald Trump’s followers to declare the 2020 election fraudulent, among other actions. I hasten to add that I pray for Speaker Johnson’s success, and I agree with him on some controversial issues.

However, his record clearly delineates his support of an effort that I believe was for the purpose of overthrowing our government and ousting a legally elected president. And for that reason, I will never trust Johnson fully.

We must remember that in his current role, he is second in succession for the presidency of the United States. His recent record should cause us all to be concerned. I do not say that he should be denied the opportunity to lead, but I do say that his work must always be under a microscope.

I am a Republican. My loyalty to the republic dwarfs any loyalty that I might have to a political party.

- Michael H. Jones, Kansas City

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