Gift Ideas For Teachers Who Don’t Need Any More Coffee Mugs

If it were up to the movies, everyone would buy teachers one of two Christmas gifts: coffee mugs (don’t do it) or shiny red apples (please don’t do it).

Even though teachers are clearly more than mugs and fruit, it’s often hard to pin down what to buy them for the holidays. Kids aren’t always the most reliable narrators, and they can rarely pass on good intel about what exactly their teacher might enjoy.

So to make things easier, here are some Christmas gift ideas for teachers that aren’t boring coffee mugs, and that any one of them would be glad to have.

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Amazon Gift Card

The age of gift card shaming is dead. Long live the gift card. Get it at Amazon.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

What's more adorable than an engraved Christmas ornament from a kid? Get it for $11.01 at Etsy

Heavy Sleeping Mask

Teachers need all the sleep they can get to manage a classroom of noisy kids. (They can even use it on their breaks to get some quick shut eye.) Get it for $16.89 at Amazon

Prosecco Gummy Bears

They can't exactly pop open a bottle of champagne in class, but they can snack on these. Get it for $14 at Squish

Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs

What better way to relax than a luxurious, cherry blossomed, vitamin C-filled bath? Nothing. Get it for $25.99 at Amazon

Rage Room Gift Card

All fantasies don't need to remain fantasies. Give the gift of breaking stuff. It's the ultimate form of stress relief. Get it at Battle Sports

Hydroponic Plants

If they need to spend all day in a classroom of noisy kids, the least it can be is pretty. Get it for $26.99 at Amazon

Headache Remedy

"Pepermint Halo headache remedy" is a funny thing to call a "life saver." Get it for $28 at Saje.

Caribou Cocoa Buddies

Because hot chocolate just deserves better. Get it for $29.19 at Uncommon Goods

Mug Warmer

It's not a coffee mug. It's a coffee mug warmer. Get it for $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Chocolate Survival Kit

Nothing gets you through a long work day like the promise of chocolate at the end. (They'll have to stash it in their desk, but it'll be worth it.) Get it for $17 at Purdy's

Felt Letter Board

Perfect for the classroom, or for the home. No one will be able to say they forgot they had homework if it's written on TWO boards ... or will they. Get it for $33.20 at Amazon

Headache Wand

Another funny name for a "life saver." Get it for $17.97 at

Book of Wrong Answers

Failures are always more creative than triumphs, and they should be celebrated accordingly. Any teacher would have a laugh at this. Get it for $11.28 at Uncommon Goods

Bubble Wrap Calendar

It's not just a calendar. It's a fun calendar. Get it for $33.17 at Uncommon Goods.

Scalp Massager

A full spa might be out of the budget, but there's always the portable headache reliever. (It works better than temple rubbing.) Get it for $6.60 at Amazon

Indigo Gift Card

You may not know their taste in books, but with a gift card, you don't have to. Get it at Indigo

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