Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids To Replace Store-Bought Decorations

Rarely is the easy way also the fun way.

On one hand, you could totally just head to the closest store and pick up your annual Christmas decorating essentials: a wreath for the front door, a garland to wind up the staircase, ornaments to cover the tree.

But on the other hand, you could call that off and make Christmas crafts with the kids (it’ll be an even better lesson if you recycle old stuff). And it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated, either: here are 15 fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids that are sure to give your home the perfect holiday touch.

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Elf Hat

Just put this on their head when you need help with Christmas preparation, and they'll transform into your magical little helper. Learn how to make it at Kids Craft Room.

Snowman Christmas Countdown

Nothing is better (or easier) than a good old Christmas calendar countdown. They can even hang it up, and adjust the nose as the days pass. Learn how to make it at Coffee and Carpool.

Waterless Snow Globes

You can even shake them up and make it snow. Learn how to make it at Tidy Mom.

Popsicle Stick Crafts

It's classic, and all you need are some sticks, paint, googly eyes, and some paper. Easy. Learn how to make it at The Keeper of the Cheerios.

Wine Glass Snowman

Probably best not to pull out the good glasses for this one, just in case. Learn how to make it at Crafty Morning.

An Elf ... With Your Face On It

Or the kid's face. Or anyone's face, really. You can transform anybody into an elf with this one. Learn how to make it at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Reindeer Pots

Put it under the tree after, or fill it with snacks on Christmas morning. Learn how to make it at Bargain Moose.

Christmas Tree Slime

Kids love slime. What else is there to say? (Shape it into a tree and stick a star on top, if you like.) Learn how to make it at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Accordion Paper Reindeer

There's only one Rudolph — right? — but you can invent some more. It's Christmas! Learn how to make it at Kids Craft Room.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

You make a tree out of a pinecone, which comes from a tree. It's a craft, but meta. Learn how to make it at PJs and Paint.

Drip Paint Ornament

It's really not as messy as it looks. Plus, they'll all look personalized! Learn how to make it at Better Homes & Gardens.

Santa In A Rocking Sleigh

Santa needs a sleigh to deliver his presents, and kids can help him build it. Learn how to make it at The Joy of Sharing.

No-Sew Sock Snowman

Everyone has a bunch of loose, mismatching socks anyway. Might as well make it work. Learn how to make it at Easy Peasy and Fun.

Light Up Paper Christmas Trees

It's just a paper snowflake taken a step further. Learn how to make it at Red Ted Art.

Santa Claus Card

On the outside, it's Santa Claus, but the inside can be a sweet Christmas card. Learn how to make it at The Best Ideas for Kids.

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