It’s Christmas, and the community is rallying round

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Every year in Dundalk and area when people think about the meaning of Christmas, the community rallies round.

The Dundalk Food Bank reports a renewed awareness of the real needs among us.

There are children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities, who just can’t make ends meet.

People are making individual donations, businesses are contributing, and our local schools are asking children to help out as well with food drives.

Why? Those involved say it’s because the community knows that we can’t have a festive season without reaching out to those who don’t have the resources to celebrate.

The Dundalk Food Bank has been calling all those who have needed an emergency Food Box during this year, as well as those who received Christmas Hampers last year, to register for this Christmas.

The Food Bank invites you to let anyone in need know that they can contact the food bank.

The Firefighters Toy Drive has already taken place. With donated funds from organizations, businesses and individuals, soon community members will be shopping for a new outfit for each child. The local schools, Proton Community and Highpoint, are organizing their food drives. Other businesses are doing drives of their own, or having employees contribute as the Township of Southgate does.

The Food Bank is planning to put together additional hampers this year, as we have begun to see a sharp increase in requests for Emergency Food Boxes in recent weeks. Many are reporting the struggle to deal with rising rents, and the growing cost of food. Inflation is not just a statistic when you’re on a fixed income.

Christmas is of special significance for Christians, who are celebrating the birth of Jesus. The Bible records that his family were turned away just before his mother was to give birth to him: a reminder of the fate of many who are poor and struggling with no one to help.

The Dundalk Food Bank is inviting all community members to realize that you can make a difference, you can touch someone’s life.

How can you help? Contact the Dundalk Food Bank and find out.

Contributions can include funds, toys, non-perishable food, or sponsoring a child. All the help offered matters. And if you are in need, please reach out.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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