'Christmas With You' clip: 'You're definitely way too old for Tinder'

Watch a clip from Freddie Prinze Jr.'s new Netflix Christmas film

Video Transcript

- Everything OK?

- Yeah, it just needs to charge a little more.

- Not with the phone. I meant with you. You know, there's still more time to make changes if you want.

- Dad, it's my party. I should be the one stressing.

- Ah, you only turn 15 once. I just want you to have an amazing day.

- Dad, you're doing great.

- Hi.

- You know, if you want a plus one.

- No.

- Oh, OK, I know. I'll make you a Bumble because you're definitely way too old for Tinder.

- Absolutely not. You don't have that app on your phone, do you?

- No. Oh.

- What? What is it?

- Our video only got 20 views.

- Good. Those videos should just be for you and your friends. What? You thought Angelina might see it?

- Well, yeah. Sometimes she likes and shares her fans' edits and post them on her Story.

- It's actually pretty nice of her. Angelina. Hey, is she on that Bumble?

- Dad. Uh-huh. No. Uh-huh.