Christina Rossetti deserves to be No 1

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Christmas carols | Delivery apps v the milkman | The joy of kissing | Garden wordsearch

Describing the Church of England’s Christmas single, In the Bleak Midwinter (Christmas No 1: LadBaby and Adele face competition from the church, 30 November), you mention the composer, Rebecca Dale, but give no credit to the poet, Christina Rossetti. She is one of the great English poets of the 19th century. For me she remains top of the pops.
Michèle Roberts

• Sunday lunch is over. Various topics are discussed, including the digital revolution. Our 30-year-old son pulls his smartphone. “Cool new app, folks… Now I can get oat milk and other stuff delivered every morning before 7am. By hand. To my flat. By a real person in a van.” Granny looks up: “Yes, darling. We used to call it ‘the milkman’.”
Neil Canetti
Etchingham, East Sussex

• Many years ago, my wife and I brought back a kitchen ornament from Pennsylvania that had the words “Kissing don’t last – cooking do” on it (Letters, 29 November). We never liked it, and in 66 years of marriage proved that it is not true.
Rev Peter B Godfrey
King’s Stanley, Gloucestershire

• Barbecue, patio, gazebo, umbrella (Wordsearch, G2, 29 November). Oh, that kind of garden! Silly me – I was searching for words like digging, tomatoes, composting and dung.
Derek Knight
Chilton Polden, Somerset

• How many people manage to fit a stable into their garden? That’s if you are lucky enough to have a garden. They don’t seem to feature much in today’s new estates.
Diane Woodley
Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

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