Christina Hall Responds to Ant Anstead's Allegations That She Is 'Exploiting' Son Hudson Online

Christina Hall, Ant Anstead and son Hudson
Christina Hall, Ant Anstead and son Hudson

Christina Hall/Instagram; Ant Anstead/Instagram

Chistina Hall is disclaiming the idea she's "exploiting" son Hudson by posting him on social media.

Hall's legal team filed a supplemental declaration on Sept. 27, obtained by PEOPLE, in response to ex-husband Ant Anstead's own supplemental declaration filed the day prior, where he called her social media postings of the 3-year-old into question.

Noting that the two had discontinued a hearing scheduled for the day of her filing to continue private mediation, Hall said that she now believes "that from the start, Ant's intention was not to resolve this matter privately and amicably."

Where the social media posting is concerned, Hall was adamant that she has "never exploited our son Hudson" and then explained the toddler's involvement in the paid posts.

"He appeared in a few of my own Instagram ads that each took less than 5 minutes to film," Hall said. "I have all the footage and they were all fun activities that he enjoyed doing, such as playing with toys or making cookies."

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Christina Hall and Hudson
Christina Hall and Hudson

Christina Hall/Instagram

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"These were organic moments in Hudson's eyes," she continued, noting the simple ads were "filmed with a cell phone, not a production team."

Hall went on to note that she has "repeatedly taken the position that I will agree that Hudson shall not appear on television or on social media," but that Anstead wants to continue to post Hudson on his channels, sometimes also in posts about partnerships.

"Hudson has not appeared in any of my Instagram endorsements since April 2022, when Ant asked me not to have him in them," she noted. "I did not have a problem stopping, nor do I care to feature Hudson in any further endorsements."

Calling the matter "a non-issue at this point" and "no longer relevant," Hall said that Anstead was already familiar with how she handled filming with her children from their experience while they were married.

She noted that "he personally saw how the kids are very rarely filmed" and that "nothing in that aspect has changed since then."

ant anstead and hudson
ant anstead and hudson

Ant Anstead/Instagram

The legal filings go on to say that Anstead had no issue with Hudson appearing on camera prior to the couple's 2021 split and that he "repeatedly asked his ex-wife to allow his older kids to film with us and advocated for them to be on film in the show," adding that they did not appear because their mom Louise Storey "did not want their children to be filmed."

Hall also noted that Anstead allowed Storey to have full custody of their two children, Amelie and Archie, in London while he moved to the United States to pursue his career as a public figure.

Not only did Hall state her own stance on these issues, but she also expressed disapproval of the fact that Ant was recently charged in the Orange County Superior Court for driving without a valid license, using his U.K. driver's license in the U.S.

"I have requested Ant provide me proof of a valid California driver's license, current vehicle registration and insurance, and am awaiting those items to be provided by him."

Christina Anstead, Ant Anstead
Christina Anstead, Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead/Instagram Ant Anstead and Christina Haack with their son Hudson London

Despite her criticisms of Anstead, Hall said she has "consistently supported Ant's relationship with Hudson."

"I have shared Hudson with Ant during my custodial time so that he can have time with Ant's other children if they are in town," she said. "I have been thankful that Ant has made the same accommodations for Hudson to spend time with his siblings at my home."

"We agreed to resolve this custody matter privately and yet he continues to file publicly, proving his desire and need for the public's attention," Hall asserted. "It is all quite disturbing and now that it is out in the public, it will be far more damaging to Hudson in the long run when he is old enough to see how this matter played out publicly."

In the conclusion of the filing, Hall described herself as a "dedicated and protective mother" who is "diligent about the welfare of all my children" and hopes the court will understand her side of these matters.