Chris Pine Will Not Be Wonder Woman's 'Dude in Distress'

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Wonder Woman is the first major female-led superhero movie to come out in more than a decade and unquestionably the most anticipated one in comic-book film history. While Gal Gadot stars as Amazonian warrior Diana Prince, Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, an Air Force officer who in some of the trailers is seen being defended by Wonder Woman, as Superman once protected Lois Lane.

But don’t expect Pine to play Wonder Woman’s “dude in distress.”

“The question doesn’t service anything but this narrative of hierarchy,” Pine said when we asked him about it at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Wednesday (watch above). “What you’re asking almost flips the script, and the question is, ‘Do I enjoy being the second?'”

“I think this is a movie about parity. This is a movie about two people bringing a lot to the table with completely disparate qualities. She happens to be a superhero; I happen to be … definitely not. But there’s no judgment or discussion or conversation in the narrative about a hierarchy. It’s not a matriarchal structure; it’s not a patriarchal structure — it’s just human beings trying to figure out how to live in this awful world.”

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins echoed Pine’s sentiments: “I don’t think anybody wants that out of any love interest. Not either gender. And that’s why it was so fun to do. … I don’t think we looked at it that way: ‘Who’s got the upper hand? Who’s got the lower hand?’ This is a love story about a character who comes to this world who needs to meet people who help her guide the way.”

Wonder Woman opens June 2.

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