Chris Cuomo And Kellyanne Conway Go Bananas In New Interview

CNN’sChris CuomoandKellyanne Conway, counselor to PresidentDonald Trump, had another lengthy sparring session on Wednesday night, and this one involved James Comey, the 2016 election, bananas and kumquats. 

The two, who have hadseveral wildandlengthy debateson the network in recent months, largely argued about the former FBI director, who Conway slammed as a “leaker.”

Cuomo said Comey “without question” had damaged theHillary Clintoncampaign when he announced that the FBI waslooking into new emails right before the 2016 election.

“No. Nonononono, don’t do that,” Conway said. “Don’t say ‘without question.’” 

“It without question was damaging to Hillary Clinton to have that suggestion come out a second time,” Cuomo shot back.

Then, their conversation went off the rails over a reference to CNN’s “Facts First” ads about apples and bananas: 

CONWAY: Christopher, I don’t hear a question in there. 

CUOMO: I’m not asking you a question. I’m telling you how it is. I’m telling you the situation. 

CONWAY: No. You’re telling me how you feel. Let this be an opinion show. That is neither an apple nor a banana, that is your opinion.

CUOMO: Please. Look, everything with you guys is fruit salad. Everything with you guys is fruit salad, Kellyanne. Apples, bananas, you bring in a kumquat to me half the time.

See the full discussion, which runs almost 20 minutes, in the clip above. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.