Chris Archer's feud with Astros' mascot escalates to water balloon fight

Forget Chris Christie and the “big shot” Cubs fan, the best baseball-related feud going right now is between Tampa Bay Rays ace Chris Archer and Houston Astros mascot Orbit.

After Archer took things to the next level on Monday by bringing forth a “Declaration of Unfriendliness,” the rivals went to battle on Wednesday, engaging in a water-balloon fight at Minute Maid Park.

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Archer warned in his declaration that water balloon hijinks were likely. He followed up on that warning with the help of some of his Rays teammates.

To the action footage.

Poor Orbit never knew what hit him.

Fortunately, Archer whiffed on a point blank throw that had some serious heat on it. But a short time later he hit a bulls-eye, drilling Orbit right between the eyes.

One day after beating the Astros, Tampa Bay Rays ace Chris Archer battled the team’s mascot Orbit in a water balloon battle. (AP)

Orbit was shaken at that point, but he wasn’t out of it. Eventually he would receive some reinforcements in the form of a water gun, and that helped even the odds out.

When no winner was declared during the water battle, Orbit tried a different approach to get the edge on Archer, and we’d say it worked.

Orbit even busted out his finishing move: The Dab of Doom.

Eventually a baseball game started, which forced the two rivals to call a temporary truce. Make no mistake though, we hope there’s more to come from baseball’s fastest growing and most entertaining feud when the series concludes on Thursday.

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