What a sweetheart! Schoolgirl, 9, leaves 'awesome' police letters and chocolates

Nine-year-old Eva Davies spent her Saturday delivering thank you notes and chocolate bars to police officers and NHS workers. (Chorley Police Twitter)

Generous schoolgirl Eva Davies left emergency service workers “humbled” – by sending them chocolates when she saw their hard work on YouTube.

Eva, nine, from Chorley, Lancashire, delivered handwritten letters and sweets to NHS workers and police officers near her home on Saturday because she wanted to tell them they were “awesome”.

With the help of dad Gary, she wrote a dozen letters and put them in envelopes along with chocolate bars, which they handed out together on a “daddy-daughter day” in their local town.

Gary, 40, said: “My daughter was watching a YouTube clip and it was showing the ambulance service and police generally having… the general public misbehaving towards them.”

Eva wrote 12 different notes addressed to “Emergency Service Worker” and left them in vehicle windshields. Their messages included “you’re awesome, my friends think you’re awesome, enjoy the chocolate” and: “Dear Emergency Service Worker. You do a lot of amazing things and work very hard! All I can say is thank you!”


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After the @PNEPolice Twitter account tweeted that it felt humbled after meeting Eva and her dad, Mr Davies confirmed that Chorley police had been in touch.

Dad Gary says he is very proud of his daughter for the sweet gesture. (Gary Davies Facebook)

“They dropped me an email last night and said they’d like for her to come in and have a look around the police station,” he said.

“I think she made a few people happy.”

He said: “She is really chuffed with the Facebook messages we showed her last night and I'm proud of her. She's awesome.”

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