Chopt Restaurant Sued After Woman Was Allegedly Served a Human Finger in Her Salad

Allison Cozzi filed a complaint on Monday against the salad chain, saying that she suffered injuries like panic attacks and nausea after eating the contaminated salad

<p>Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa USA via AP</p>

Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa USA via AP

A Chopt customer filed a complaint against the salad chain alleging that she was served a salad with a piece of human finger in it.

Greenwich, Conn. resident Allison Cozzi bought the contaminated salad at a Chopt location in Mount Kisco, N.Y., on April 7, 2023, according to the documents obtained by PEOPLE.

"While she was eating the salad, she realized that she was chewing on a portion of a human finger that had been mixed into, and made a part of, the salad," reads the complaint.

The documents allege that an unidentified manager at the restaurant accidentally severed a piece of her finger while chopping arugula. After the manager went to the hospital, the contaminated lettuce was served to customers.

The Westchester County Department of Health investigated the incident and fined the location, according to News12 Westchester. Chopt did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Cozzi suffered injuries like shock, panic attacks, migraine, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness and neck and shoulder pain as a result of eating the contaminated salad, according to the complaint.

Cozzi's lawyer Marc Reibman tells PEOPLE that she will not be commenting further.

"She does not want to increase the stress and anxiety that this incident has caused her," said Reibman. "As required by New York Law, her Complaint does not contain the dollar amount of the monetary damages that she is seeking. As a matter of common sense and public interest, the failure to supervise the preparation and service of food in a manner that protects the public is a blatant deviation from accepted safe practice and deserves significant compensation."

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