New chiropractor ready to cater to women’s health

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Uxbridge has a new chiropractor in town who specializes in women’s health. Dr. Sophia Ferguson was born and raised in Uxbridge. After attending school here, she went off to Western University for an undergraduate degree in kinesiology, then went on to New York Chiropractic College for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

“While I was at Western, I shadowed a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women and babies,” says Ferguson. “I fell in love with what she did and knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.”

From then on, Ferguson says she was dedicated to learning all about women’s health with a goal of filling the gap she observed in women’s care.

“I quickly realized that people get more rehab for a sprained ankle than they do for having a C-section,” says Ferguson. “Many women don’t have a proper postpartum assessment and aren’t taught how to rehabilitate their bodies after having a baby, or how to safely return to exercising and doing the things they love.”

With prenatal chiropractic care, Ferguson says she can help her patients with hip, joint, pelvis and lower back issues that are linked to the changes in a woman’s biomechanics as her uterus grows.

“Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy, help baby to be in an optimal position for birth, and enhance postpartum recovery,” claims Ferguson.

She is also passionate about paediatric care, seeing patients for difficulties breastfeeding, inconsolable crying, difficulty sleeping and irregular bowel movements. She notes that some newborn babies may have experienced a difficult birth, but with chiropractic care, she says she can greatly improve their quality of life.

Ferguson is also passionate about sports and training, and enjoys helping other women with their technique for exercises like squatting, benching and deadlifting. Because of this, she also likes incorporating exercise and strength training into her practice and rehabilitation.

Ferguson currently practices out of Uxbridge Osteopathy and is accepting new patients.

“Although my speciality is women’s health and pediatrics, everyone is welcome. I work with many other professionals in the community to make sure our clients receive the best care possible.”

Booking can be made online at or by calling 289-846-8022. Find Dr. Ferguson on social media at @dr.sophiaferguson or at

Justyne Edgell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Uxbridge Cosmos