Chipotle Is Giving Away 100,000 Free Burritos

Let the burrito games begin.



Thursday, April 4, is National Burrito Day. The holiday honoring the favorite Mexican food of many falls on the first Thursday of April each year. Chipotle loves to make a big deal out of this holiday. The restaurant—which recently brought back the highly requested spicy fan-favorite Chicken al Pastor—is now doing something else that will please fans. It's giving away 100,000 burritos for National Burrito Day.

The chain has a website dedicated to the giveaway, and on April 2 and 3, fans can play to decipher a Burrito Vault code. Those who successfully unlock the code will receive a buy one get one (BOGO) free code until the codes run out for the day, 50,000 each day. The game begins daily at noon PST, and winners can only redeem the code on April 4.

"We are launching Burrito Vault ahead of one of our most popular Chipotdays, National Burrito Day, giving players multiple opportunities to play and win," said Chris Brandt, Chipotle's chief brand officer. "Burrito Vault is inspired by the popularity of word puzzles, which have swept the nation and become a daily ritual for so many of our fans and team members."

The lucky fans who win a BOGO burrito code must input a valid U.S. mobile phone number to receive a text with the code.

Chipotle Is Also Giving Away Free Burritos for a Year

Those who win a BOGO code will automatically be entered into Chipotle’s National Burrito Day sweepstakes, which will have 53 randomly selected winners. Those sweepstakes winners will win free burritos for a year in the form of 52 reward credits for a regular entrée.

There’s More for Chipotle Rewards Members

On National Burrito Day, Chipotle Rewards Members can enjoy a $0 delivery fee offer when they order via,, or the Chipotle app using the code DELIVER. Members can also redeem other promotional deals with the free delivery.

If you want to celebrate National Burrito Day but don’t have a Chipotle nearby or prefer to cook yourself, we have you covered. Check out a few of our many burrito recipes, including Breakfast Burritos, Fabulous Wet Burritos, and Fiesta Chicken Burritos

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