Chip Foose Takes On The New Nissan Z

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Yet again I am completely underwhelmed…

There seem to be two approaches when Chip Foose does his Draws A Car YouTube series. One involves him either slamming the vehicle within an inch of the ground or jacking it way up, adding some stripes, then doing some other dramatic re-sculpting of the body, maybe chopping the roof off, etc. The guy’s other approach is to change hardly a damn thing, ostensibly because he feels the car is so perfect he can’t really improve upon it. Guess which approach he takes with the new Nissan Z?

See what Chip Foose did to the new Ford Maverick truck here.

That’s right, he chops the roof, jacks it up, and makes the baddest convertible off-roader ever. No, that would’ve at least been entertaining, at least to make fun of. Instead, Foose announces he’s doing something different and is doing a design critique of the new Nissan Z.

So the design critique involves him looking at the previous 6 generations of the Nissan Z and talking about the elements incorporated into the new car. We’ve all examined this a lot, especially if you’re an artist, so honestly this little vignette is completely unnecessary and I think a distraction from what he does next.

Finally, Foose gets down to “refining” the looks of the new Z. He makes a few tweaks, moving the wheels and changing the hood as well as some other lines. I’m not sure his changes would fly with US DOT regulations not to mention the EU and other places, which unfortunately helps dictate the design of new cars to the point they all look increasingly alike. Personally, I think his changes are just kind of meh, not bad but not really that good, either. In a way it makes me wish he did something super crazy.

Now Foose at the beginning of his video shows he’s really progressive and forward-thinking as he makes the supposedly shocking statement that “when you think about it, the Japanese has given us some pretty legendary sports cars. He then proceeds to forget the Mitsubishi 3000GT has the “GT” on the end of the name, because he’s such a fan and stuff. Or maybe someone didn’t write the cue cards correctly. I’ve done that job and it can be rough, especially when the on-screen talent can’t read good and other stuff.

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