Can you take our children?

As deadly attacks unfolded in Israel and Gaza, Jewish day schools in U.S. cites began hearing from worried families: Can you take our children?

Jay Leberman was one educator who answered the call. So far, five Israeli students have enrolled at the school he runs in Beachwood, Ohio. Another school in Dallas, Akiba Yavneh Academy has welcomed 16 new students since Oct. 7. The new students resemble a trend of enrollments since the start of the Israel-Hamas war: About 92% of Jewish day schools in the U.S. and Canada reported receiving inquiries about enrolling Israeli students following the outbreak of violence.

Families are looking to enroll their children for a variety of reasons, experts say. Some were relocating from Israel, some were visiting the U.S. when war broke out and didn't want, or were unable, to return home and others wanted their children to feel a deeper connection to their Jewish faith and heritage.

"We knew we needed to take them and we'll worry about paying for it later," said Leberman, who isn't charging the new students tuition. And as the war drags on, schools and families are contemplating a longer-term situation.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Israel-Hamas War: Can you take our children?