The Chiefs will wear four decals on the back of their helmets in Super Bowl LVII

Because they’ve advanced to the Super Bowl again, the Chiefs players will be wearing a special decal on the back of their helmets.

That Super Bowl LVII logo is being placed on the left side of the back of the Chiefs’ helmets. Chiefs equipment manager Allen Wright shared a look at that sticker and three others that will be on the back of player helmets.

Next to the Super Bowl logo will be the 16 decal the Chiefs have had on their helmets this season in honor of former quarterback Len Dawson, who died in August.

The NFL shield is on the familiar right side. With the Super Bowl LVII logo added to the helmet, the U.S. flag is being moved from the left to the back center of the helmet.

That’s four decals on the back of the Chiefs helmets for Super Bowl LVII. Here is a photo of a helmet from Wright.

Here is a look at the helmets from the regular season, so you can see the changes made.

One note on that helmet from the regular-season: the green decal means that player can have radio contact with the Chiefs coaches on the sideline.