Chiefs’ Travis Kelce shares details of Academy Awards parties he attended in Hollywood

A week after his successful stint as host of “Saturday Night Live,” Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce went to Hollywood.

On the Friday night before the March 12 Academy Awards ceremony, Kelce attended a party full of A-listers at the famous William Randolph Hearst mansion in Beverly Hills. (It’s “The Godfather” house where the guy finds a bloody horse head in his bed.)

The party was hosted by talent agency WME, which represents clients in entertainment, sports and fashion.

Page Six reported that Kelce was seen talking to Adam Sandler. The topic was Kelce’s gig as host of “SNL,” where Sandler himself was a cast member in the early 1990s before getting fired.

Kelce partied with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Larry David, Oscar-nominee Austin Butler and fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who hails from Kansas City.

After the Oscars on Sunday night Kelce strutted his way into another glittery, Hollywood party — the annual Vanity Fair after-party.

The party has become “the” place to be seen post-Oscars, with a red carpet of its own and a celebrity-heavy guest list of actors, musicians, politicians, fashion designers, media stars, movie producers and sports celebrities.

He was listed as “Mr. Travis Kelce” on a guest list published by the Deadline Hollywood entertainment news site, joining Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, Odell Beckham, Jr., and NBA player Draymond Green among sports stars there.

After that bash, Kelce went to Jay-Z’s Gold Party and met the rap star.

“It was an honor to go to the Vanity Fair after-party,” Kelce said last week on his “New Heights” podcast. “It was a blast. The Gold Party after that was even more fun. Got to see some of the coolest people in the entertainment world, not just Hollywood. Both sports and entertainment and I had an absolute blast.”

Kelce said he saw Justin Bieber, Dwayne Wade, Elizabeth Banks (“She was absolutely awesome”), Tracee Ellis Ross, LeBron James and Draymond Green.

There may have been others, but Kelce isn’t the type to be star-struck. In fact, he couldn’t remember everyone he met over the weekend.

“I gotta start knowing who people are in Hollywood because every face was the most familiar face that you’ve ever seen,” Kelce said. “And you’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s an actor. That’s an actress. That’s this. That’s that.’ And I was clueless. I felt really bad.”

But it didn’t take away from the overall experience.

“It was,” Kelce said, “a blast.”