Chiefs’ Travis Kelce admits losing his cool on penalty Sunday but was proud of his punt

The Chiefs’ offense had a frustrating start to Sunday’s 17-9 win over the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first four drives ended with two punts, a lost fumble and an interception. After the Chiefs’ lost fumble, tight end Travis Kelce was called for unsportsmanlike conduct, but cameras never showed what he did to warrant a flag.

On this week’s episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Kelce talked about the penalty.

“What do you do when you get frustrated? You throw your ... helmet, alright?” Kelce told his brother/co-host Jason Kelce. “That’s the spark to the match.”

Jason mentioned perhaps the most famous helmet-throwing incident in NFL history. In the 2002 season opener, the Browns’ Dwayne Rudd celebrated what he thought was a game-clinching sack against the Chiefs by throwing his helmet.

Instead, he was penalize and the Chiefs kicked a game-winning field goal on the game’s final play.

“Thankfully this didn’t cost the game,” Kelce said of his toss Sunday. “Yeah, I gotta keep my ... helmet on until I get to the sidelines. I gotta keep my composure.”

In the fourth quarter, Kelce also was flagged for unnecessary roughness, but it was offset when the Jaguars’ Rayshawn Jenkins was penalized for the same offense.

The brothers also talked about Kelce’s touchdown catch in Sunday’s game when he celebrated by punting the ball into the stands at EverBank Stadium.

“I’ll tell you what, I got that one good, man. I got that one good,” he said.

Like the penalty, cameras didn’t show how far the ball traveled into the stands but Kelce said it went high.

“The upper deck isn’t like an upper, upper deck,” Kelce said. “That stadium is kind of built like a soccer stadium. ... It was probably like that (mid-level), but that thing was up there. It had a good hang time.”