Chiefs’ Nick Bolton saved a touchdown with heads-up play on Bills’ Hail Mary attempt

Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton returned from an injury and helped save a touchdown during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

On the final play of the first half, the Bills chose to have quarterback Josh Allen throw a Hail Mary pass instead of have Tyler Bass attempt a 61-yard field goal. That decision nearly paid off for Buffalo.

Bolton, who left the Chiefs’ game against the Chargers on Oct. 22 because of a dislocated wrist, was next to Buffalo’s Khalil Shakir just inside the end zone, and a group of players from both teams was behind them.

The ball was headed over the heads of Bolton and Shakir, and Bolton initially thought about trying to knock it down. Instead, he moved closer to Shakir and turned toward the scrum of players.

That proved to be a smart move because the ball was batted back toward Bolton, who knocked it down. Had he tried to make a play with others, Shakir would have been in perfect position to catch the ball and score a touchdown.

This was a heady play by Bolton, and X user Mike Roccovioli shared the video.