Chiefs’ Donovan Smith had funny reaction after catching illegal pass from Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs’ troubles on third-and-short plays continued on their first drive of Sunday’s game against the Jaguars at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

Facing a third-and-1 play, quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a shotgun snap and drifted to his left. When no one was open, Mahomes scrambled before unloading the ball.

A teammate was wide open, but there was one problem: it was left tackle Donovan Smith.

Smith caught the ball, even though he’s not allowed to do that. Smith’s reaction was funny as he simply held the ball and never tried to move, because, well, what would have been the point?

The Chiefs were whistled for illegal touching of a forward pass on this play, and they ended up punting.

Fans thought it was a humorous play, and this is a small look at what they were saying on X (formerly Twitter).