Chick-fil-A worker appears to spit in batter while another films it. Now they’re fired

WATN screengrab

The operator of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Arkansas has fired two workers after a video showed one of them spitting in chicken batter while the other filmed it.

The video, obtained by WATN, shows one of the workers mixing his hands in the batter and one of them mention the “secret formula” in the batter. That’s when the worker in the video lowers their head near the mixture and appear to spit in it.

Jonathan Cardwell, the operator of the West Memphis, Arkansas, location, called the employees’ actions “completely unacceptable.” He said both the worker in the video and the one who filmed have been fired “effective immediately.”

“We have very strict standards and high expectations for food safety, team member behavior, and our guest experience and this was an egregious violation of all of the above,” Cardwell said in his statement on Sunday, Oct. 2. “You trust us to deliver you safe, fresh food with a team who genuinely cares about you. We fell short of those expectations here.”

Arkansas Department of Health officials said in a statement to WREG it plans to “follow up with an inspection of the facility.”

“Our environmental health specialists will investigate the complaint and if the statements made in the complaint are found to be occurring, we will implement interventions to correct the issues.”

The restaurant’s West Memphis location opened in September 2020.

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