Chicago Fire Bosses Warn 'Hell May Rain Down Upon Carver' in Fall Finale

Chicago Fire‘s newest recruit is in hot water.

In this Wednesday’s fall finale (airing at 9/8c on NBC), Firehouse 51 is called to a rescue on a bridge, during which the crew’s most recent addition Carver “gets into a bit of skirmish with a city employee,” co-showrunner Derek Haas previews, “and when you mess with a city employee, who lodges a complaint, it doesn’t just go to where Boden can easily solve this and say, ‘Hey, you two work it out.'”

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Unfortunately for the firefighter, the incident “goes up, internally, into the headquarters. The Chicago Fire Department full apparatus gets triggered. And let’s just say that might bring in some people we haven’t seen in a while,” Haas teases.

Adds co-showrunner Andrea Newman: “And hell may rain down upon [Carver].”

While there has been tension between Carver and Stella since he first joined Truck 81, the lieutenant will stand by her firefighter in the aftermath of the rescue incident. “He and Stella definitely, in this particular episode, come together closer than they have before,” Newman says.

However, that doesn’t mean that Carver has officially found his way into the firehouse family and that all is hunky-dory now that he has Stella’s support.

“It’s going to be a journey for Carver. I don’t think it’s that simple,” Newman cautions. “He’s probably one of our more complex characters [that we’ve] brought into 51 in terms of knowing how to fit in exactly. He and Stella have a complicated relationship, and he has a complicated relationship with the house as well, because he’s just not used to that level of closeness and family that the 51 group has. So it’s going to be a journey for him. It’s not as simple as now they’re bonded.”

And in classic Chicago Fire tradition, viewers can expect a cliffhanger that “leaves a couple of characters in the balance,” Newman previews. “And it brings a lot of stories all together. So it’s an exciting one.”

But while fans of the show are used to life-or-death fall/season finale endings, this one is a little different because of who isn’t in danger.

“A lot of times, we’ve had Severide, like, on a boat that was going down. We’ve had Severide and Casey trapped on top of a building. But we’ve rarely had Severide outside, sort of helpless, as bad things were happening to other people,” Haas explains. “It’s going to really make for a long three weeks until you can see what happens.”

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