The Chi’s [Spoiler] Leaves Chicago… Forever? — Plus, Grade the Finale!

One of The Chi‘s central characters, someone who’s been there from Day 1, departs Chicago in the midseason finale this week. (If you didn’t watch, we’ll give you a hint: He’s one of the three teens in the photo at the top of this post.)

While the character in question has a celebratory, if contemplative, last few days in the Windy City, two others make an attempt on Douda’s life… and fail. And that’s a very bad spot to be in as the Showtime series enters its hiatus. Read on for the highlights of “Who Shot Ya?”

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THE STORM GATHERS | Kiesha is still really mad at Emmett, but she softens slightly when he volunteers to take a week off work so she can look for a job. “That really means a lot to me,” she says… cut to them going at it in bed. Afterward, he assumes that they’ve forgiven each other, but that’s not the case… and soon they’re arguing again. “I just want us back,” he pleads, adding that he’ll do whatever he can to fix their situation. “I hope you do,” she says, with an expression that reads “but I’m pretty sure you won’t.”

Later, Nuck meets up with Kiesha, saying he wants to spend more time with her — he’s also having a hard time with the reality of being one of Douda’s strongmen — but she gently makes it clear that she can’t be there for him like that, because she’s with Emmett. “Take care of yourself,” she says as she leaves and he looks very sad.

Meanwhile, a pleasant afternoon in Tiff and Rob’s flourishing grow room sours when he lets her know that his mother’s loan came with strings: He’s got to kill the man who killed Q, and that man was Douda. “Why are you just now telling me this?” she demands, reasoning that his decision affects their family and that they could’ve found another funding source that didn’t require MURDER. “Can you just tell your mom you’re not killing nobody?” she wonders. “You don’t know my mama,” he replies. “She makes Douda look like a saint.” That sounds like a “no.”

So Tiff enlists Emmett’s help in talking Rob out of killing the former mayor. “What makes you think he’s gonna listen to me?” he wonders. “I think this is some man-to-man s—t,” she says, reminding him that their son’s safety is involved in the matter, too.

KEVIN, JAKE AND PAPA PLAN | At Smokey’s, Papa apologizes to Kenya for lashing out at her in his grief. She accepts it, then asks if he wants to go bowling the following week to help take his mind off things. He says, to respect his father’s wishes, he’s not going to date her: “We can be cool, but nothing more than that.” She’s hurt. Later, as Kevin, Papa and Jake are smoking at Kevin’s, Papa announces that he’s going to attend seminary like his father wanted him to. “Just because he died doesn’t mean you need to live the rest of your life for him,” Jake says, but Papa’s angry reaction shuts down that conversation quickly. Moving on! Kevin suggests that Jake take his about-to-be-vacant apartment, and Jake agrees. Then the guys go for a bike ride around the neighborhood just like the old days.

Maisha wonders if Kevin really wants to have a long-distance relationship with her when he moves to Los Angeles. He swears he does, and they exchange I Love Yous. But still, she’s preoccupied with the idea that she might hold him back in his new city and new life. “Don’t worry,” he assures her, “everything’s going to be OK.” Later, Jemma assumes she’ll move into the new place with Jake. And when he says he want to live alone, she threatens to withhold sex and then takes off.


At the recording studio, Jemma and Britney (Bakari’s sister) kiss, but Jemma pushes her away and says that she wants to keep their relationship professional. Then she admits that she agrees with Jake — they’re too young to live together — but she does want to live on her own. If only she could afford it! Britney whips out her phone and sends her $10,000 (wait, WHAT?), telling her to consider it an advance.

Dre and Nina throw Kevin a going-away party that — like many of his memories of growing up — makes him cry. “I’m forever grateful for Chicago. It made me who I am,” he says in a speech to the crowd, tears flowing. “And I promise, I promise to go out there and make y’all proud.” Afterward, Nina hugs him for a long time.


COOGIE! | Bakari’s in a bad way: drinking too much, holed up in a house, avoiding his friends. Not even a pep talk from Lynnae can snap him out of it. But then he has a dream about a grown-up Coogie, who tells his friend, “I never needed you to avenge my death.” He points out that when Bakari killed Ronnie, it didn’t make him feel better. Instead of vengeance, DreamCoogie says, “I want you to live the life I couldn’t.”

DARNELL TRIES TO HELP | Emmett asks Jada and Darnell for financial help getting out from under Douda’s thumb. They agree, but Darnell makes it clear he’s really “disappointed in your choices.” Things escalate until father and son are yelling at each other, but then Darnell orders Emmett to stay put and let him take care of things. So he brings Douda a bag of money to “settle my son’s score.” Otis takes a peek and replies, “That looks like it settles about half of it.” He tells Darnell to keep the cash, promising to go easy on Emmett as long as “you say nice things about me when you’re out and about.” Darnell refuses, but Douda threatens Emmett and his family, then instructs Darnell to take the bag with him as he leaves.

OOPS | Shaad fumes as he watches Tierra be all schmoopy while volunteering at the community center with Marcus. So he pulls out his phone and texts her: “I’m finally letting you go, Tierra. I’m gonna look at that amazing night we shared as just that: One amazing night.” Only problem? He accidentally sent it to Deja. When he returns home, she’s nowhere to be found… but his stuff is packed and waiting on the sofa.

THE MURDER PLOT MOVES FORWARD | Emmett and Rob tell Victor about their plan to kill Douda. He scoffs, saying they’re both not equipped to do the deed. But when they ask for his help, the city councilman says he has too much to lose, and they’ll have to do it without him. So Emmett calls Douda and asks for a private conversation, specifically asking him not to bring Nuck and Zay.

Which is convenient, because just then, Rob’s mom is meeting with Zay and asking if he wants to work for her. “I already have a boss,” he says. She implies that Douda might not be around much longer, so “you should keep your options open.” He makes it clear that he’s open to the idea.

Elsewhere, Rob and Emmett drive up on Douda and Nuck (he didn’t listen to Emmett about coming solo) and Rob starts firing from the backseat. Thing is, Rob and Emmett aren’t killers, so they’re really bad at it! Rob repeatedly misses both men, then the gun jams just as he’s about to take Douda out. So Douda and Nuck start firing, hitting Rob before Emmett can get the car out of there. Worst part: Because Emmett called to set up the meeting, Douda knows exactly who his masked assailants were.

VICTOR RISKS IT ALL | Rob survives but winds up in the ICU, flanked by his mother and Tiff. They instantly don’t like each other. Amelia accuses Tiff of being the beneficiary of a life insurance policy on Rob. Tiff counters that she knows about what Amelia asked her son to do, and doubles down by saying it’s her fault that he’s in the hospital. Rob’s mom denies all, then has Tiffany thrown out: “I’m his mother,” she tells her, “and you’re some hussy that he lives with.” The moment an angry Tiff leaves, Amelia addresses her comatose son, yelling at him for sharing sensitive information with his partner. “I need you to wake up,” she tells him, “so I can put my foot in your ass!”

When Victor hears what happened, he decides that he has to be the one to end Douda after all. But Fatima argues that it’s not his fight, and he has family who are depending on him. He seems to listen, telling her that she’s right and that he just wants to take a shower and clear his head. But when her back is turned, he grabs a handgun from under the mattress, pulls up the hood on his hoodie and slips out the back door.

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