Chery’s "New Energy Models" Will Be Equipped With ADAS Technology to Enter the European Market

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WARSAW, June 30, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It is reported that Chery will enter the European market soon and equip local consumers with the OMODA new energy vehicles with added ADAS functions.

The brand new "new energy vehicle" OMODA is equipped with an ADAS intelligent driving system and has L2.5 level automatic driving technology. In addition to the well-known ACC adaptive cruise, LDW lane departure warning, BSD blind spot monitoring and other functions, the LKA lane keeping system also has the ability to automatically control the car in corners. The following distance reminder and FCW forward collision warning systems equipped in the OMODA can give timely warnings. Even in dangerous situations, the AEB active braking can make the car stop in a timely manner completely avoiding or reducing the impact. The TSR road traffic sign recognition, TJA traffic congestion assistance, these technologies are integrated with smart transportation, which will help car owners to achieve safe and convenient travel.

As a pure electric CROSS OVER SUV, OMODA 5 can not only meet the needs of urban travel, but also provide a comfortable companionship during journeys. The OMODA 5 model has a dynamic fast-back shape, a double-layer sports rear wing, and the suspended roof design shows the sporty atmosphere of the whole vehicle, which is both technological and dynamic.

It is believed that in the near future, this pure electric SUV will bring a unique green travel experience to European consumers.

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