Chery New Energy Leads the Global Development by Showcasing China's Environmental Protection Capabilities in These Years

MADRID, November 29, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Since the notion of "the new energy technology" was offered by Chery, the environmental protection and sustainability marks have been running through Chery's corporate culture.

As "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality economics" has become a trending topic in recent years, China, as a responsible nation, is also actively dedicated to global green economy programmes. The first nation to focus on new energy technologies in the automotive sector, China has vigorously followed the environmental protection strategy of sustainable growth, gaining worldwide attention. The result of this fast development of China's new energy cars, an increasing number of exemplary car manufacturers have been visible to the public. Chery, which has over two decades of experience and has been the first exporter with its own brand for 19 consecutive years, has always actively engaged in environmental protection efforts and undertaken social duties in order to make substantial contributions.

Chery created a complete new energy technology R&D system, comprising vehicle integration, core technology, and core components development capabilities, due to the leading advantages of four vehicle platforms, five general subsystems, and seven core technologies.

Chery's DHT hybrid technology is the world's first full-featured hybrid configuration based on the 4.0 global power architecture with "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 operating modes, and 11 speed ranges" as part of a national new energy technology initiative. The transmission of the hybrid DHT system, which is equipped with three gears, may accomplish a combination of nine operating modes and 11 gears, allowing the engine to function in the high efficiency range via transmission adjustments. The average efficiency of electric drive under NEDC circumstances is greater than 90%, and the maximum transmission efficiency is greater than 97.6%, which significantly decreases fuel consumption while boosting output performance.

In addition, Chery has fundamental technologies in both the pure electric field and EIC technology (motor, battery, and electric control) area.

Plug-in hybrids, pure electric vehicles, range-extended electric vehicles, electric all-wheel drive vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell NEVs are coming from Chery. Chery will release these industry-leading new energy products sequentially on the Spanish market, giving Spanish consumers a greener travel experience which also contributes to the economy.

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