Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump after website slams his clothes

Chelsea Clinton and Barron Trump.  (Getty Images)

Living in the public eye is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you’re the child of a polarizing politician.

Barron Trump, the youngest child of U.S. President Donald Trump, has been the subject of some hurtful media criticism in the past – and it seems like they’re picking on him again.

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Donald, Melania and Barron were photographed leaving Air Force One on Sunday after a trip to New Jersey. The president had on a full suit and tie, the first lady looked gorgeous in a white and yellow belted dress and 11-year-old Barron was wearing a fun red T-shirt, khaki shorts and loafers.

While that would seem like normal weekend attire for a pre-teen, a website called The Daily Caller published an article about Barron’s outfit titled “It’s High Time Barron Trump Starts Dressing Like He’s In the White House.”

After claiming that Barron’s clothing choices are “not normal,” the article says this: “The youngest Trump doesn’t have any responsibilities as the president’s son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public.”

As someone who lived under the same kind of scrutiny that Barron faces, Chelsea Clinton was quick to call out the website and remind people that he’s still a child.

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This isn’t the first time Chelsea has stood up for Barron. During his father’s inauguration in January, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Katie Rich made an incredibly offensive comment about Barron that got her suspended from the show.

Others on Twitter called out the then 10-year-old for looking bored during the ceremony and even looking sleepy.

Once again, Chelsea came to his defense:

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, I think we can all agree that picking on an 11-year-old, especially for his clothes, is not cool.

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