Cheez-It Bowl jokingly ponders how much Busch Light will satiate Iowa State fans

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Consider yourself fortunate to find someone in life who loves you as much as Iowa State fans love Busch Light beer.

The beverage of choice for Cyclones fans, Busch Light, has been in short supply when Iowa State fans travel to bowl games.

In a 2019 interview with the Athletic, Cyclones fan Beth McDougall explained the love affair between Iowa State and Busch Light.

“It’s like a badge of honor,” McDougall said. “It is like the Iowa badge. We have nephews that are 21, 22 years old. They don’t drink anything but Busch Light.”

Former wrestler Jerry Lawler learned about it the hard way. Lawler saw a tweet go in 2017 when the Cyclones faithful visited his Memphis bar ahead of the Liberty Bowl and polished off his stockpile of Busch Light.

In 2018, Iowa State fans very nearly drank all of the Busch Light at the Alamo Bowl.

With Iowa State headed to the Cheez-It Bowl in Orlando, Florida, will we see another run on the beer? The Cheez-It Bowl’s Twitter account tweeted about that very subject with this funny meme.

Busch Beer responded as one would expect and it was humorous.

The Cheez-It Bowl, which pits Iowa State against Clemson, is Dec. 29 in Orlando, Florida.

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