Check out the kids with the best manes at the USA Mullet Championships

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 (USA Mullet Championships 2022/Facebook)
(USA Mullet Championships 2022/Facebook)

Selected by the USA Mullet Championships, 25 young people each with unique manes are competing for the year’s title of best mullet in the kid’s online division. They’ve been selected across multiple states, and the winner will receive a $2,500 prize, reports TMZ. Click through the gallery to see the top contestants.

The competition began in 2020 as a Michigan event but has expanded to locations in Texas, New York and Indiana. There are also competitions for best men’s mullet and best femullet taking place.

The finalists in the kids’ division this year are varied, with hair ranging from tidy cuts with cascading curls to classic ’80s beaver tails. One boy even shaved the American flag to the side of his head to show his patriotism.

The father of one contestant told CBS News that there’s a $10 entry fee, but says “all donations are going to the Michigan Wig Foundation for kids”.

Last chance to vote

Today is the last chance to get your votes in and voting is open worldwide.

According to the website, to vote, enter your email address to register and receive your Mullet Champ Voter ID. Once you’ve registered, your Voter ID is valid all week.