Check out the diverse ways Bugatti Divo customers are configuring their car

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The limited-edition Bugatti Divo introduced in 2018 recently entered production after a development process that took two years. It made its debut in black with blue accents, and we've never seen it in another color — until now.

Bugatti released computer-generated images of four Divo configurations commissioned by customers to illustrate the wide range of possibilities. One is painted in a shade of yellow inspired by the Type 55. Company founder Ettore Bugatti would love it; yellow was his favorite color, according to the firm. Another celebrates Bugatti's French roots with blue, white, and red accents inside and out, while a third wears a two-tone livery that highlights the Divo's meticulous design details as well as a contrasting blue exterior. Our favorite from the lot is a gray and blue car an anonymous customer chose because it's similar to the Chiron that's already part of his collection.

These examples confirm there's no standard or right way to configure a Divo. Bugatti wants its loyal customers to view the car as a blank slate, and it noted over two-thirds of reservation holders decided to customize their car. Laure Beneteau, the carmaker's sales and operations manager, explained the sky is the limit when it comes to paint colors, upholstery types, and stitching patterns. She joined Bugatti in 2006 and has helped over 400 Veyron and 300 Chiron buyers configure their cars, so repeat customers trust (and value) her opinion. She's not about to see new faces, though; every collector who bought a Divo has at least one Chiron in his or her collection.

Clients have the option of traveling to the company's picturesque headquarters in France and working with stylists to create a unique car. "Customers often have their own ideas, such as family crests, national flags, their own logos, or special color schemes. We then try to implement the ideas in technical terms. Some customers choose leather and color to match their handbag or their favorite pair of shoes," said Anne Beynat, Bugatti's sales coordinator. She added changes that would compromise the car's safety or alter the Bugatti logo are off-limits.

Inside, customers can choose from many different types of leather. It can be new, vintage, thin, thick, perforated, or something else entirely. Bugatti also cited crystals neatly embedded in a car's cabin, the name of a significant other embroidered into the door panels, and children's footprints embossed into the rear panel of a Veyron as requests it has received in the past. One-off demands take time to implement -- one customer spent a year modifying his Chiron -- so clients receive pictures every two weeks while their car is being assembled.

Hand-built in Molsheim, France, the Divo costs €5 million (about $5.4 million) before options are added to the bottom line yet Bugatti sold the 40 units it plans to make before unveiling the car to the public. Production is underway. Looking ahead, the one-of-a-kind La Voiture Noire will head to its new home in 2021, and production of the Centodieci -- which is limited to 10 examples and also sold out -- will begin in 2022. We're looking forward to seeing how customers will configure them, and finding out if someone will put a modern spin on an EB110 livery.

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