Charlie Blackmon met his two-year-old superfan and it was adorable

Rockies All-Star Charlie Blackmon hangs out with his two-year-old superfan Tommy Carlson. (Rockies)

Charlie Blackmon has made a lot of new fans thanks to consecutive seasons of elite level play for the Colorado Rockies. Enough, in fact, that he was voted as a starter in the 2017 MLB All-Star Game.

But let there be no doubt who his biggest fan is. That title belongs to Tommy Carlson, a two-year-old from Parker, Colo., who is now known in Rockies country as the “Charlie Blackmon Kid.”

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That’s because Carlson recently became an internet sensation after a video of him cheering for Blackmon as he was introduced at the All-Star Game in Miami went viral.

“Charlie Blackmon! He’s here! Charlie Blackmon,” Carlson is heard yelling at the television.

On Friday, young Tommy wasn’t yelling at the television. He met the man himself after the Rockies and Blackmon set up a meeting with the young fan and his family at Coors Field.

Needless to say, a lot of cuteness and silliness followed. The cuteness came more in the form of shyness from young Tommy. It was a lot to take in seeing the player from his TV screen come to life. He didn’t have much to say, but he wasn’t running away either.

Silliness is more Blackmon’s game. He loves to play around a lot and seemed to be right in his element. It made for a perfect scene that will provide lifelong memories for Tommy and his family.

“I’m much more scary in person, I guess,” Blackmon said of the meeting. “He clammed up a little bit, got a little intimidated, I think. But he came over to me right away, which apparently he doesn’t do a lot. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, but it was fun. It was nice to meet him.

“He’s pretty famous now; I feel like he’s been on TV more than the Rockies have lately.”

That was Blackmon’s way of acknowledging Wednesday’s Rockies game not being televised in Colorado. As a result, Rockies fans missed Nolan Arenado hitting three home runs.

But it does also speak to Tommy Carlson’s fast rise in popularity. He is arguably the Rockies most popular fan right now, and it’s cool to see the team and Blackmon acknowledge him.

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