Charles Melton Reacts to '90s and Y2K Stuff, from Gushers to “A Knight's Tale” on VHS: 'Love This Movie'

For his digital cover story with PEOPLE, the 'May December' actor digs through a box of nostalgic items from his childhood in the '90s and early 2000s

Charles Melton is all that and a bag of chips — or Gushers!

In a fun segment for his digital cover story with PEOPLE, the 33-year-old May December actor digs through a box of items from the '90s and Y2K area, to "see if it triggers any nostalgia" for him.

First up are the aforementioned Gushers, a '90s-kid staple that features fruit snacks with a sweet, juicy center. "Oh wow," Melton says, popping some in his mouth. "I used to put these in the freezer."

Next up? A collection of books from the Goosebumps series, which Melton says he "loved" growing up. Among the titles included are The Beast from the East, Ghost Camp and Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns, which were all released in 1996 circa the R.L. Stine books' heyday.

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Charles Melton holding R.L. Stine's <em>Goosebumps</em> series book <em>The Beast from the East</em> (1996)
Charles Melton holding R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series book The Beast from the East (1996)

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Plucking a Blockbuster Video membership card from the box next, the actor reveals he used to make it a Blockbuster night often, having gone to the now-almost-extinct video store "a lot" as a kid instead of the library.

"The library came maybe, like, a month ago. I'm kidding," says Melton, who shares earlier in the video that he's currently reading Trust by Hernan Diaz. ("Two pages in!" he jokes.)

One movie that's close to his heart? A Knight's Tale, as he proves when he pulls out a VHS copy of the 2001 medieval action-comedy romance starring the late Heath Ledger.

"When I put this movie on, it always cheers me up. Love this film," Melton raves, adding with a smile, "I watched this, like, a week ago."

Charles Melton with a VHS copy of <em>A Knight's Tale</em> (2001)
Charles Melton with a VHS copy of A Knight's Tale (2001)

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Melton also explores a Game Boy Color, Mr. Sketch Scented Markers (a '90s classroom must-have), a portable CD player — and of course, a vintage Archie comic from the '90s.

As Reggie Mantle, Melton starred in Riverdale, a TV adaption of the comics that ran for six seasons on The CW, beginning in January 2017. He took over the role of Reggie in season 2 from Ross Butler, and played the character until the series' end in August 2023.

"What an iconic show to be a part of," Melton says. "The relationships that I built filming that show, the people that I worked with — it informed so many things that I've learned as an actor and really just changed my life. Some of my best friends are on that show."

"It's a bittersweet thing," he adds, joking in addition with a laugh, "Those tears will not come today in this interview."

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