Chaotic Brawl Breaks out in Brooklyn Pizza Parlour

Dramatic eyewitness footage captured the chaotic brawl that broke out in a Brooklyn, New York, pizzeria on July 17, leaving one man injured and another facing charges, local media reported.

This video by Ronnie Kabbani shows customers arguing with staff at the Joe’s Pizza counter seconds before the violence erupted. What begins with swinging fists quickly escalates to kitchen utensils being used as weapons, with one staff member repeatedly hitting a brawler with a pizza peel until it snaps.

“I’m still waiting for my pizza by the way,” someone off-screen says, to which another person replies, “You’re not getting it.”

Citing police, local media reported one of the staff members received hospital treatment for minor facial injuries and a customer was arrested and charged with assault. Credit: Ronnie Kabbani via Storyful

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