Channel your inner caveman with a dark, gritty bar

I’ve a soft spot for Taza Chocolate. The Taza Cinnamon disc, £3.95, was one of the first chocolates I tasted when I became chocolate correspondent, and it was unlike any other chocolate I’d tried. The Cinnamon splits reviews – people love it or hate it (I would say ‘like Marmite’ but actually I can take or leave Marmite) – so be warned.

Taza chocolate is resolutely not silky-smooth chocolate but stone ground, so it’s rustic, a bit caveman, gritty, rough. If you like your coffee ristretto, Taza is the chocolate for you. I’d heard good things about its 70% Dark Chocolate Coconut, £6.95. Don’t confuse this with coconut milk chocolate – it’s not a milk but a dark with coconut bits in. I rather liked it and it had a sweetness I wasn’t expecting. Its 95% Wicked Dark, £7.95, has no sweet redemption to it, with very little sugar – this is for those who like panic-room experiences. I need to tell you, however, that it shifted a headache I’d had for three days.

I tried Chocolarder’s Millot Farm, £6.15, on the same day. Even though it’s a heavyweight 80%, it’s sooooooo smooth. A very lively bean (from Madagascar) and this time I agreed with the tasting notes of ‘tart cherry and sweet raisin’. Delicious.

Fancy a taste of something Christmassy? Pump Street’s 60% Grenada Milk and Nutmeg, £6.75, took me right there. I get so excited thinking about Christmas (91 days). Although I’d been privileged enough to taste this at Pump Street HQ, I’d not had it in the bar. I’m not sure how it had thus far escaped me but my God it’s gorgeous.

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