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Innofactor Plc press release, on September 27, 2022, at 10:00 Finnish time

Martin Söderlind appointed as Managing Director and Country Manager for Innofactor Sweden

Innofactor has appointed Martin Söderlind as the Managing Director and Country Manager for Innofactor Sweden. Martin has earlier been member of Innofactor’s Group Executive Board and held the position of Chief Innovation and Talent officer since April 2021. In his new role, Martin will continue as member of the Group Executive Board. Prior to joining Innofactor, Martin held the position of COO Scandinavia at Nordcloud and served in several leadership positions within Telia Company.

Innofactor Sweden’s prior Managing Director and Country Manager Marcus Hasselblad will serve as a Senior Advisor until he leaves Innofactor to pursue other opportunities outside the company.

“Growth is important for Innofactor, which I believe we will achieve with Martin’s lead. We would like to thank Marcus for his past years at Innofactor,” says Sami Ensio, CEO of Innofactor.

“It is my firm belief that together with our skilled and innovative personnel, we’ll be able to pursue new ways of working, delivering value for our customers and create growth in the Swedish business,” says Martin Söderlind.

Anni Pokkinen appointed as Innofactor’s Chief People Officer

Innofactor has appointed Anni Pokkinen as Innofactor Group’s Chief People Officer and member of the Group Executive Board. Anni has worked in several HR-roles at Innofactor since July 2015. Most recently, Anni held the position of HR Director, Nordic Development & Operations, and HR Director, Finland. In her new position, Anni will also continue to lead Innofactor’s Finnish HR.

The Chief People Officer will focus particularly in developing the leadership model for Innofactor’s self-organized teams, increasing employee satisfaction, and accelerating new talent acquisition. Recruitment and training new graduates joining Innofactor’s DigiStar program is also at the core of our growth strategy.

“Innofactor’s success is all about our people. I’m thrilled to take on the role of Innofactor’s Chief People Officer. I’m passionate about developing our people and leaders and driving our self-organized team model towards higher customer and employee satisfaction. Employees play a central role in Innofactor’s growth and I’m excited to be supporting that growth,” says Anni Pokkinen.

People are critical to Innofactor’s success. We are a #PeopleFirst company. I trust that we will achieve great results with Anni’s lead,” continues Sami Ensio, CEO of Innofactor.

Innofactor’s CEO Sami Ensio will assume the responsibility for Innofactor’s innovation and offering in the Group Executive Board formerly held by Martin Söderlind.

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Anni Pokkinen, Chief People Officer
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