Change likely if Raptors don't perform on lengthy road trip

On the latest episode of "Strictly Hoops", C.J. Miles and Amit Mann explain why Raptors management are likely giving their core players one last chance to save their season ahead of the trade deadline. Full episode is on the "Raptors Over Everything" podcast feed.

Video Transcript


C.J. MILES: Yes, which is why I think the open communication is better than people having to go to the media and say, get me out of here or doing it that-- I think there should be able to be some type of back and forth with the front office if we get to that stage of things. I should know what you're thinking and you should know what I'm thinking, it's business.

AMIT MANN: And also we just saw a trade in the NBA, Wizards Lakers, right? Rui was traded to the Lakers and part of the reason it was done is because I mean Rui has expressed that he wants to leave but also you got Deni sitting on the bench and the Wizards wanted to clear space for him to get an opportunity for more playing time. So, this is a nature of the business. This is how it goes. But like going back to the original point is that I still think the Raptors front office, they want to see this starting lineup, those guys, Fred, Gary-- I think they want to see them all back, because they believe in them and last season wasn't-- I don't think it was a fluke.

I mean whatever is going on this year, I mean, I don't-- I don't know. I mean, there was someone on Twitter, I don't know who exactly he was but he was a member of Kings Twitter, and he's like this team that the Kings are playing is like the best team they've played and what is going on with the Raptors. And I quote to you saying it's complicated. And I don't even know, right. I'm not in the front office. I don't know exactly what's going on, but I know what I'm seeing in front of me and I know that the Raptors just played their best game of the season at a time that is very fragile for the front office, the Raptors, a few of the players. I think that means something.

C.J. MILES: Yeah, and maybe this time-- this time, backs against the wall with everything the way it is, with trade deadline coming, maybe it's the thing that's needed. And then maybe you'd be able to take that energy and form it into a hold on, well we can do this.


C.J. MILES: Maybe that doesn't need to be that to get the ball rolling, you know what I mean? Maybe it's been here. And if we can convince guys to look at it that way, then we can carry that energy for the rest of the season. Well, I just think you just have to-- just have to find a way to kind of let go of the things that's been going on, that's been looming. Once you start to get some winning ways, some winning games, focus on that.


C.J. MILES: And if you're present in what we're doing, is the game-- if i'm just changing the game play and a big check mark beside it. Like this is been one of the things that's led to this, let's make that a staple. Let's not get away from it. That's every time we get together in practice, let's talk about it. Every time we watch film we make emphasis on those things. Whatever it is. Not to say they haven't been doing that. But right now while you have so much proof in the pudding of this being the thing that's making us win, drill it. Drill on it. Punch-- I don't care if guys get tired of hearing you say the same thing every day. Say it every time you can. Because it's almost like-- it's just like you do anything.