Chanelle evicted from Big Brother: 'I was ready to be out...the boredom!'

Chanelle is out of Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz
Chanelle is out of Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz

Chanelle Bowen has been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The 29-year-old dental assistant had been taking part in the hit ITV reality series but on Friday's (10.11.23) episode was voted out by the viewing public and while she exited the house to a mixture of boos and cheers, she beamed as she admitted she was "ready" to be out.

Speaking to AJ and Will after the show, she said: "I was ready to leave, honestly, the boredom. I can't imagine what's been shown. I'm here...well, I don't know, I don't know."

Chanelle had been nominated by Trish, Jordan, Noki, and Yinrun this week after losing the initial immunity she had won to a task over a rule break - which had seen her discuss nominations with other housemates - but refused to take any of them "personally" and insisted she wasn't too bothered about making it to the final to begin with.

"You really can't take it personally in that house. I give them a reason, I broke the rules, I get it. I know this sounds really was nice to have the immunity. It was never [about] getting to the final. If I'd wanted the the immunity, I would've held on it it. If it was that big, then yeah..."

"When you're in the house, I couldn't say 'Oh yea, Trish was talking about you', I'd couldn't admit to it because then I'd be breaking rules. The friendships I have made were quiet genuine, Paul left and that argument was horrific to sit in. I don't like people who name-call, I told Trish, and out of the blue she called Paul a bully. It came out of nowhere. It felt out of the blue."

Before leaving the house, the blonde beauty was asked which of the remaining housemates she would like to ultimately win the £100,000 prize and chose her fellow Welshman Jenkin.

"Jenkin - obviously - he's my winner. Matty is incredible, Yinrun is incredible. Oh and Tom. Any of them can make it to the final but hopefully Jenkin will fly the flag for Wales.

Just moments after Chanelle's eviction was announced, it was announced that Trish would also be leaving the house.